My Top 10 Good Mood List

Ballet Girls Ally Good Mood List

Have you ever noticed that every time when you are doing something in a good mood, you will usually get a better result than when you did the same thing in bad mood?
It is common sense. I am sure many of you have this experience. And even you don’t, you know I am right and it is not hard to figure it out.
Everybody prefer to have a good mood all the time. But the real challenge is: How to keep yourself in good mood? Or how to remember to bring along your good mood with you when you are doing something important?
Here is my top 10 “Mood Booster”:
  1. Chocolate bar - It usually helps, especially when I need a quick mood boost.
  2. Listen to a favorite song - It works when you get bored by your homework and study.
  3. Helping people - You will be in a good mood for the whole day.
  4. Be punctual in time - I hate to be late and I feel good being punctual in time.
  5. Watch a disney movie - They are entertaining, educational and inspirational.
  6. Singing when you shower - A mini “personal” concert in your bathroom really rocks.
  7. Meet an old friend - A “must do” if you are really in bad mood.
  8. Walking in zig-zag pattern - I know it looks weird, but it works.
  9. Do some chores, and concentrate on them - It helps your mind to settle down.
  10. Say “Good Morning” to yourself - It will remind you to live for today and to carry a good mood.


How about you? Do you have any “good mood” tips to share?


~ Ally, April 2011



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